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The Story (part 1)
(Man walks up to girl in a blue dress)
-- I have a message for AU
-- How about not following up with his promises?
-- I'm sure he has good reason... AU is the reason why a lot of us are still here. I got caught up in my own selfish desire, strayed away from my purpose, and he set me straight.
-- ... (She understands)
-- Tell him, tell him 'thank you'
(Man walks away)

As a Poet
I've learned that I can manipulate the world around me to send any message I desire.
All you have to do is become part of the story.

Play the story right, and you get melodramatic ending you want.

I've seen the ending, and I like it.
Flowing impact -- rigid disaster.
".. I've seen this ending multiple times.."
Can't shed any skin, yet I can wash it.
White figures -- fake over the skin.
Precious angel -- precious temptation.
Sinister signals, and beautiful ugliness.
".. I've seen this ending multiple times.."
Motionless -- twitching sounds -- posing.

.. It's curing my insanity..
.. And i'm hating it.

My Sun
Vulnerable energy of the World
Dark circle of Light
Guide me and play with Me
Until the end -- forever -- the Night.
Savor the road and take my Hand
Feel the warmth and watch the Ground
Gaze the stars in a shade of Brown
For I skip and I hope and I Land.
Counting -- pecking at your Lips
Windblown attraction at my fingertips.
Patient vibrating digital Signals
A happy heart that Mingles
With the feeling of your Beauty

Inside the flesh -- inside the Blue
Owner of my sea and my Love
Look up to the Sky
Look at me and all my dark Glory:

What do you see?
What do you see...?

My Livejournal
I've ignored you. It's been so long since i've written anything.
But... What do I write about?
Maybe I haven't truly sat down and thought about what to write...

Actually, whenever I did use to write, I always made sure to write with my feelings.
I wouldn't think about it, I would actually just write.

I don't know what to write about, but I'll see to it that I keep at it.

The Meeting
Something a little strange, that is what you notice, that he does not seem like all other men. He's fairly young, nineteen, perhaps a little more, round heart-shaped face, a bit lionlike, medium pointy nose. The figure of his face... It's more oval than roundish, birthmark on his forehead, high cheek bones too, but they come down to a point, like lions, every time he laughs.

-- Can  I tell you something?
-- So, you do have a tongue...
-- Quit with that nonsense, hear me out, please.
-- Shoot away
-- I had a dream the other day. It was petrifying. It was... nostalgic.
-- Mm hm, what was it about?
-- Viramar, do you believe in fate?
-- How is that suppose to relate to the story?
-- Just answer me
-- ... Sometimes, why do you ask?
-- My girl... I mean, the love of my life. She appeared in my ---
-- You've got to be kidding me, that was 10 years ago!
-- ... It meant a lot to me, Viramar.
-- Come'on, look, i'm sorry. Please, continue with your story.
-- ...
-- Quit your crying. Be a man. Finish your story so we can go to sleep.
-- ... ohhh! She came into my dreams. I was a complete stranger to her. My eyes widen at the sight of her long dark hair. Her bloodshot lips. Tall slim figure. As always, she was stacked nicely. Nature had been kind to her.
-- What about her eyes?
-- Clear, they're light brown, almond shaped.
-- What was she doing in your dream?
-- Her parents had just moved into town, they were relatively new to our culture. Her family is from France, which makes no sense. In my memories she was Latin, somewhere from the city of Angels.

(To be continued...)

Fueled by indifference is the meaning of Zerodemise

Whatever makes you Happy
... In the end, that's all that really matters, doesn't it?

Looking to the Future
Porque siento un dolor profundo?
Inexplicable, solo... Dolor.
Me duele saber que ella quiero a un amigo mio.
Me duele, no lo voy a negar.
Pienso que todavia la quiero.

Cadavez que pienso en ella, no se...
No se porque no puedo quitarmela de mi mente.
Siempre esta ahi, y no se que hacer.

Quiero olvidarla, ojala... Ojala algun dia voy a lograrlo.
Quiero olvidarla...
Quiero que desaparesca de mi vida, para siempre.

Por favor...

Moving on
Crazy, one moment, it's over..
The next, it's a new era..
And the next after that, it's a whole new dimension.

She is with one of my friends now.
And i'm still alone...

This empty space..

Actually, why not?
Shows how much she never cared..

Crazy, how do you fogive someone?
How do you move on?
How do you stop holding grudges?

Help me, my friend.


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