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Chess Mastery: i'm playing as White

The value of writing
Pen and paper: it's sacred: an art hardly used today: use it, brother.
This is my last post before I begin my career as a pen&paper knight.

Thank you all, even to those unknown folks stealing all my ideas:
you've made me see that my ideas are worth stealing.
And best of all, i've seen them become successful before my very own eyes.

Best of luck to you trying to hack in my pen&paper documents.
I laugh at you.

Prevaricate no longer
My secrets; my truths have been exposed, but not until I gave away the key. Secrets hurt, they bring pain, but secrets reveal truths -- and I do believe the truth sets you free, from both yourself and others. What happens next can be called... destiny -- fate -- justice.

Allow me to experience all of it, I can withstand any trial, I promise.

Forgotten, my journal.
I have no idea what to write for this journal, not any longer.
Funny, I had this journal for 4 years, and in one year, with my other journal, I managed to catch up completely.
I surpass the limit of thought and expression. I have written so much more.
Perhaps I can write about my other self here, kinda like a reporter reporting on himself.
Clark Kent reporting on Superman.

My Lois Lane is nowhere to be found -- where art thou Lois Lane?

Who am I really?
Am I Clark Kent or Superman?
Fuck it, i'd rather not tell my secret...

Double Character
It seems like i've been ignoring this journal now that I have another one. I suppose I will now dedicate this journal to my creative talent, and the other to my experiences.

A Literature Major Teaching Math
A Literature Major Teaching Math:

Hey, I have a story for you. The other day an aunty of mine came up to me and asked me to help her little daughter who is in the 3rd grade, I believe, with her math homework. She's learning her multiplication, and apparently she's too stubborn to learn. I also heard nobody has the patience for her, and that is why her mother came to me because she knows that when people interact with me, it is always the other way around -- they must have patience with me LOL

So, I told my little cousin Sheila to sit next to me. And I asked her, "Can you count to 1,000?" She said yes, and then I asked, "Can you count to 1,000,000?" and she gave me that look that said, "I can, but it will take a long time.." and before she replied, I told her, "If you can count, you can multiply." Then I asked her, "Do you know how to subtract?" and she was like, "duhh!" and I smiled, and told her, "If you can subtract, you can multiply." And then before we began working on her homework, I told her, "tell me all the multiples of 10." and she said, "10, 20.. etc" all the way up to 100. And I said, "As long as you know your multiples of 10, you can figure out ANY multiplication on your own, and I will teach you how.."

I used this formula, which describes how to get ANY multiplication in 4 steps:

1) 10 - (1st#) = A
2) 10 x (2nd#) = B
3) A x (2nd#) = C
4) Answer = B - C

I told her multiplications are as easy as ABC. And that memorization is very important, and that she's never going to need this formula after she learns by heart what each multiple is -- this formula is only used when she doesn't know a certain multiple.

Her first problem was: 17 x 7 = ?
She doesn't know her 7s, so I made her count first because it's the very basics of multiplications. So, she was counting, and she had such a hard time, so I told her to stop and try the formula. I kept in mind that she's still a little girl, and that using formulas might be too complicated for her, but really, this formula only uses the basics of algebra, and problem solving.

I made her write her ABC's:

(The 1st number being the first 7, and the 2nd number being the second 7. If the problem was like (6 x 7), then the 1st number would be 6, and the 2nd number would be 7, understood? Cool, moving forward)
A = (10 - 1st#) = (10 - 7) = 3
B = (10 x 2nd#) = (10 x 7) = 70
C = (A x 2nd#) = (3 x 7) = 21 (after adding)

She didn't know what (3 x 7) was and I told her, "okay, now start counting. The multiples of 3 are so easy, you can do it." And she counted, and eventually got 21.

And then I told her, "the last step is to simply subtract (70 - 21). So start subtracting.." and she began subtracting and ended up with something weird, she hella didn't wanted to think. So I told her, "How much do you need to add to 21 to get 70?" and she eventually got 49. And I congratulated her, "congratulations, you just figured out how to find the answer to a question you don't know.." (basic algebra). And I gave her a high-five.

Then she went on ahead to solve the rest of the problem, which was hella easy for her. Then I made her do the rest of her multiplications, and she wanted to use the formula all the time, and I was like, "NO, (4 x 4) is hella easy, come'on, just add." but whenever she got to to like (8 x 8)8), and I understand how difficult it may be for a little kid to add by 8, so I told her, okay, use the formula... fast forward -- she eventually was able to memorize all her multiples, and reached a point where she memorized the formula. Then I told her, "okay, now forget the formula. You will never need it after this, I promise. Now go to sleep."

God, I am so bad at teaching math lol

Writer's Block: Double vision
If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

I would want him to grow up looking kinda nerdy, and ultimately transform into the ladies man he's meant to be...

A Message to the Void

It's like passing an instant message through space
It takes its time getting to its destination
I suppose that is what you can call fate
Either your message gets through
Like a story passed down to generations
Twisted and deranged over time
Or message doesn't get through at all
Because it's not meant to get through that's why
but when it does, it amazes you even if
The message was sent long ago
It's the greatest voyage language undertakes
Let fate take its place

Rebirth of Dinosaur Theory (for fun)

I've been hearing rumors of mini-earthquakes.
In the triple digits over time for unknown causes.
Though, people claim these fault lines release natural gas.
Others claim it has to do with the Super Volcano.
Some dead fish and birds.
Seems like to me like life on Earth is reinventing itself.
The temperature is getting warmer.
The storms hit as hard as vomiting Flu.
There's a lot of meat in the World
But not enough food for everyone to survive
Where's our fearless natural predator? Nuclear Explosion
Think mutated and created armored Godzilla
Now think Evolution and Survival of the Fittest
Not all species in the world will die
Those that remain will learn to adapt
They will become stronger
I'm sure other birds will adapt
If they can find a home.
Perhaps it's safe to say that the Ice Age killed dinosaurs
But we do have decendants of dinosaurs still exist
Such as crocodiles, ostriches, and beavers
I'm sure with warmer -- hotter weather
These decendants could/will mutate to adapt to the weather
Besides, if there isn't enough food for everyone
Then we either eat each other as humans
Or allow other creatures to prey on us for food
There is a lot of meat in the World
There is a lot of ash in the World
Perhaps it's time to give our energy back
Either by destroying ourselves
Or wait until a Beast (?) such as Godzilla to destroy us
Only time will tell
Poets and writers were never meant to live out their tales
Otherwise i'd like to see it all unfold
We were meant to create them
It's a paradox, the only way to create is through experience
There's a middle ground -- find it.


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